Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beyonce is Far Too Nice

As this video clearly shows, Beyonce was basically accosted by some superfans right before making her way to her "Obsessed" premiere. B, being the sweet kind of gal that she is, politely chit chats with the stans, attempting to shoo them away and appologizing for having to cut the convo short. Now I don't know about you, but if I had some strangers (as well meaning as they might be) blocking my exit, I would probably go full on panic mode, making like Sean Penn and breaking bad on someone. It's very gracious of Beyonce to want to please her fans and not upset them, but this isn't exactly a one time occurance. You just know she has a million people all wanting a piece of her no matter what she's doing. Whether it's shopping, dining, or hitting the road, there is always someone wanting something. Is it just me or do you think there is a time and a place? I'm very curious.


Sasha said...

I usually roll my eyes at Bey, but I think I just became a fan of hers lol...I luv that she couldnt say no to her stans :)

sandra said...

I think she's adorable! I'm a fan :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason why she has so many fans, her niceness is part of the appeal.

People are always saying you have to be a b*tch to get to the top...

but if you look at the women at the top of the entertainment industry... which I would say is her in the music business and Angelina Jolie in acting... they are both truely down-to-earth lovely people.

B*tches are the normal scrubby women you meet everywhere. Of course, u gotta be assertive, which I'm sure Bey is when it's called for.

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