Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyonce Will Offend Your Ear Canal

Before you attempt to listen to this abomination, I must warn you to immediately evacuate all dogs, cats or any other animals sensitive to extremely high pitched sounds. Howard Stern played this "vocal rendition" of Beyonce singing "If I Were a Boy" during the Today show the other morning.
To her credit, when you can't hear yourself, it's hard to keep up with the melody. HOWEVER, if you're a singer, you should pretty much be obligated to sing. I mean, Christina Aguilera obviously does not have a problem doing her job. She gets out there and sings her ass off live every single time without fail, giving the audience her heart and soul which is why I don't understand why it's so difficult for her peers to do the same. It's their job! And one that they get paid millions to do. Honestly though the ability to sing has become so low on the pop star list of requirements that it's not even a consideration anymore. So long as you're hot, stylish and thin, you can sound like a million cats committing suicide. Ridic.


en-vee said...

bleh. i can't stand her or sasha fierce..;p

and btw do you mean the shoes at Target?! cuz walmart doesnt have cute shoes like that :p

Mrs. M. said...

duh yes i do mean the target shoes. im totally going to start sleeping in them.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, it's not real.

Atlanta Cougar said...

I am totally addicted to Howard. I think that Beyonce's camp bought off the blogger who released the clip because it is unmistakeably Beyonce.

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