Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chloe Sevigny in California Style Magazine

It's been a good five minutes since we've seen hide nor hair of that wacky ass Chloe Sevigny. I really wish I could say it was worth the wait, but sadly it was not. These pics for the May issue of California Style magazine are boring, blah, and really freaking bland. Sure there's always something to be said for simplicity, but standing around in a fabulous dress getting smacked in the face by a windtunnel is just soooooo cliche. I mean, she's Chloe Sevigny for God's sake! She's down for anything. Anything! Have her wrestle a monkey for a banana, have her scale a volcano that is mid-eruption, make her put on a Russian male order bride costume and shove her in a tiny cardboard box, tell her to create a dress out of crushed aluminum cans and try to get through an airport security metal detector-anything but standing around like a major dee-dee-dee. Sheesh.


Emily said...

It's a nice shoot, but by Chloe standards I agree: very bland.

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