Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris Brown's Got a New Girlfriend

Could this be the face of Chris Brown's latest victim? I mean...latest girlfriend? Sources close to the singer are saying that this chick, (who sort of looks like a black Rose McGowan pre-plastic surgery) is in fact who Brown is currently hitting. Erica Jackson, a student at Mary Washington University (holla Fredericksburg!), used to date Brown back in the day, but only recently hooked up again after CB (aka Chick Beater) went back home to VA. Friends say they are getting serious and while Jackson is "no Rihanna", she is a level headed girl with her priorities in check. (I doubt it) As for Rihanna, sources close to the couple say the singer is "going to be so hurt that Chris has moved on so quickly and is parading this new girl around town.” i love that-parading her all over town. He should really tie some balloons around her ass. That would be fantastic.


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