Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did We Just Wake Up in 1995?

First let's just take a look at who is all up on the cover of May's Spin. 1.) No Doubt 2.) Jane's Addiction 3.) Grand Master Flash. Not only that, but GMF talks about how he keeps his colon clean. What gives, Spin? And more importantly, what the hell is next? Eddie Vedder talking about how he makes sure to get the appropriate amount of fiber in his diet? The Gin Blossoms giving tips on how to prevent osteoarthritis? Sheesh! Talk about a major downer. I don't want to see my rock stars talking about looking both ways before you cross the street and the benefit of having a regular vitamin regimen and how it keeps the bones from being brittle. I want them rocking steady but not in damn rocking chairs.
That being said, the cover is very old school No Doubt and I'm excited to see what these cats come up with in the studio. I've always been a huge No Doubt fan ever since I was mezmerized by Gwen's magical voice singing "Saw Red" on Sublime's "Robbin' the Hood". I am a little bitter about the whole Clockwork Orange thing though. I have been trying to make that look happen for a halloween party for like, a decade. I was born to play Alex DeLarge! The swagger, the style, that man was a force. A violent, crazy town force, but a force nevertheless.


Anonymous said...

That's actually Spin, not Rolling Stone.

Mrs. M. said...

whoops lol. the cover IS right there.

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