Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drew Barrymore in May's Elle

We continues our "Drew Barrymore is Gorgeous and Incredible" tour of 2009 today with brand new pics of the Grey Gardens actress in the May edition of Elle magazine. Photographer Alexei Hay shot the editorial which features Ms. Barrymore complete submerged in water yet still managing to look like a darling, charming little nymph. As is commone practice with Elle, subscibers will get an alternative covered magazine. Newstands will feature a cover with Drew in a slouchy, 70's inspired top, while subscribers will get the issue with a beaming, floating Drew on the cover.


Future Man said...

See ya folks! Time to go masturbate!

Ally said...

I loved this issue! I'm going to write about it on monday!

xoxo love ya dollface


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