Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drew Barrymore in Vanity Fair Magazine

Drew Barrymore is one chick that never fails to surprise me. One on hand she's the giggly, bubbly, sort of commercial girl next door. On the other hand she can ma nage to look like a ferocious, man eating, edgy fashion darling. (And if you need further proof just check out her recent spread in W.) I love that she always keeps me guessing-which is probably why she has managed to have one of the most successful careers in Hollywood for what feels like the past 7 decades. Here the gorgeous Barrymore, who seems to be channeling Joan Holloway ala Mad Men, gives major face, makes love to the camera, and even protectively snuggles her "Grey Gardens" co-star Jessica Lange. What can I say? She looks stunning-as usual.


Atlanta Cougar said...

And she is so brilliant....I love all of her chick flicks...Never Been Kissed et al.

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