Friday, April 17, 2009

Drew Barrymore Looks Incredible. Again.

Drew Barrymore has always been a beautiful, gorgeous girl-even when her outfits weren't. However, since she took the role as little Edie in "Grey Gardens", she has been playing the role of quite the fashionista. The charming actress took to the red carpet yesterday for the California premiere of GG all decked in a very boho, very Kate Hudson-y embelished white dress and big, chunky jewelry. Some might say that she's wearing too much, however I would emphatically disagree. You have to have a big personality to pull of such bold accesories, and fortunately for Drew, she's got more than enough presence to make this work. In fact, she's been so on point lately she has me wondering what look she's going to rock next. And in the world of fashion, there could be no better compliment.


Suburbia Steph said... think she really wearing that Cover Girl makeup she's hockin'? Her dress here IS easy & breezy!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Absolutely to die for!!! Love the whole ensemble. And she is really keeping in shape....the biyatch!

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