Monday, April 6, 2009

The Fab and the Fug of the Country Music Awards

Allow me to start by saying I do not know who 90% of these people are. However I do know fashion, and who better to judge than people you have absolutely no predisposed opinion of? It's agenda free judging at it's most purest.
Now the women-the women looked fabulous. I could not find one dress in the bunch that made me aske "What in Ray Charles hell?!?" The men on the other hand, well they were another story entirely. Methinks someone needs to spend some of that god old country dough on a stylist pronto. Anyway, without further ado I give you the best and the worst of the country music awards, along with all the other sharp dressed attendees:

Best Dressed: Kellie Pickler (this chick is always hit or miss)
Worst Dressed: Tie between Almost ALL the Men (their suits are shiny!!!!)
Best Use of Color: Kaley Cuoco (Love this dress)
Best Dressed Couple: Jake Owen and Lady Friend (so cute)
Couple Most Likely to Have Gotten Completely Baked in the Limo: Camila Alves & Matthew McConaugheyheyhey
Biggest Bitchface: Lee Ann Womack
The Rest:
Carrie Underwood

Taylor Swift & Marissa Miller

Reba McEntire & Emily West

Martina McBride & Miranda Lambert

LeAnn Rimes & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Miley Cyrus & Julianne Hough

Jessica Harps Husband & Carrie Underwood

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban & Lee Ann Womack

Reba McEntire & Heidi Newfield

Hillary Scott & Taylor Swift


Emily said...

Miss Pickler looks like she has gotten some facial work done...

Atlanta Cougar said...

Miley Cyrus looks like she is wearing her mother's dress. I am generally a rock and roll girl but I must say that not only is Carrie Underwood talented and beautiful, but she also wears clothes so well and has a great stylist.

Anonymous said...
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