Saturday, April 4, 2009

Frozen Fetus Face for TOUS

The greatest photographer of out time (imho) Ellen Von Unwerth recently shot Kylie Minogue aka Frozen Fetus Face for a television spot pimping Spanish luxury brand TOUS. Honestly, there could not be a better marriage between brand and director. Von Unwerth is THE go-to gal for the whole lazy, sexy, decadent, Parisian image that TOUS seems to be working towards. The commerical is fab and definitely made me sit up and take notice.
This isn't the first time EVU and Minogue have joined forces. EVU shot the singer back in 1996 for her H&M underwear campaign. Although I must say, this one has oodles more personality and that distinctive naughty meets nice flavor perfected by EVU.
Anyway, below are some pics of Tripe F's TOUS current print ads as well as her ads from the H&M campaign.


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