Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gavin Rossdale Used to Date a Dude

Let's face it: You're not famous until you've had yourself a full on same sex scandal. And by the looks of things, Gavin Rossdale has finally arrived. It all began back in 1995 when Boy George called out the rocker in his book "Take it Like a Man" with claims that Rossdale used to date androgynous male Brit rocker Marilyn. Rossdale of course denied everything simply stating that "I wasn't dating Marilyn. We were, and still are, good friends." Likewise Marilyn brushed off the claims. However, now the fellow Brit is saying that he and GR did used to hit it. "We were together five years. But it felt like 40," Marilyn tells In Touch. He adds, "Gavin and Gwen are perfect for each other, but he was the love of my life." Marilyn says he denied the business at first because, "[Gavin] was just becoming successful in America. I agreed to lie against every grain of my being."
I'm sure this will become a majah scandal but honestly so what? Let's assume this is all true. Who he dated in his past has nothing to do with who he's with now. Even if he did used to have all the sex with this Marilyn character, he doesn't now so no harm no foul. When you think about it it's kind of ridiculous that women are allowed to have a touch of the lezzzbianism in their past, but the minute you get wind of a little harmless dude on dude action that automatically means said fellow is full on homofied. Gavin may have dipped his pen all up in Marilyn's ink, but he's clearly in love with his wifey and mother of his chitlens Miss Gwen Stefani.
In other news, that Marilyn is a hot dresser. If anyone can tell me where I can find that Queers shirt he's wearing in the pic below, you will be my bestest friend for all eternity. It is truely spectacular and belongs in my life and my closet.


Carsi said...

they're so pretty in that first pic, there I said it

Anonymous said...



Mrs. M. said...

they are! And how much does Gavin look like Kingston in that picture? Baby faced twinsies!

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