Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GQ's Best and Worst Dressed in Britain 2009

The British Male's Bible of Fashion, GQ has come out with their annual list of the best dressed men f 2009. Methinks that's a little wierd seeing as how 2009 is barely 1/4 of the way over, but I suppose GQ are just a bunch of superpunctual people. Climbing his way up from number 30 last year to stealing the number one spot from Daniel Craig is Mark Ronson, whose rat pack swagger and affinity for the old school flavor makes him an easy choice for the top spot. Following Mr. Ronson is the newly single Guy Ritchie, Tom Ford, D.C. and The Prince of Wales. Yes, you heard me correctly. Nobody said this was a "who's most handsome" contest.
GQ isn't all roses and sunbeams however. Along with their choices for 20 best dressed, they have released their picks for the top 10 worst dressed, including fug ass messes like Jamie Hince and Ryan Ifans who honestly make me feel disgusted on the inside. From their faces to their clothes to their sense of entitlement, there is nothing I like about either of those wet rats. Anyway, here are the lists for the sharpest dressed men and the worst. Do you agree? Is there someone you think is missing?
Top 20 Best Dressed (Last year's position in parenthesis)
1. Mark Ronson (30) (Good call)

2. Guy Ritchie (new entry) (meh)
3. Tom Ford (5)
4. Daniel Craig (1)
5. The Prince of Wales (25)
6. Lucian Freud (new entry) (baller!!!)
7. David Furnish (10)
8. David Cameron (8)
9. Daniel Day-Lewis (9) (Hell to the motherfucking YES!)
10. David Beckham (6) (overated manorexic)
11. Bobby Gillespie (new entry)
12. Christopher Bailey (22)
13. Alex Turner (new entry)
14. Christian Bale (new entry) (ohhhhhh good for yooo.)
15. David Walliams (11)
16. Sir Elton John (17)
17. Lewis Hamilton (15)
18. Jamie Redknapp (new entry)
19. Jarvis Cocker (16)
20. Giles Deacon (19)
Top 10 worst-dressed:
1. Jonathan Ross
2. Russell Brand
3. Gordon Brown
4. Jamie Hince (word up)
5. Rhys Ifans (double word up)
6. Jeremy Clarkson
7. Alistair Darling
8. Sir Cliff Richard
9. Jay Jopling
10. Ricky Gervais


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