Friday, April 17, 2009

The Great Depression

The 20's were quite possibly the most fashionable, glamorous, luxurious, decadent decade ever. Which is why it pains me greatly to see Paris Hilton aka The Vaginal Vortex attempting to make the whole flapper look work so hard. Try as she might when this trick dons her sparkly headbands and drop waisted dresses it doesn't so much remind me of the depression as it just plain makes me depressed. It's like we have enough problems in the world today without having this useless, egomaniacal, driz biatch constantly shoving herself down our throats. (And yes, shoving just about everyone else down her own throat as well. Zing!)

And is anyone else here disgusted by those damn ano arms? They're like two brittle, dehydrated twigs. I don't know whether I want to pimp slap her in that smug mug of hers or throw a couple of quarters at her and tell her to hit up the damn Dollar Value Menu at McDonald's. Sorta leaning towards that first one though. I could certainly do with a little of this

Animated Gifs
A touch of that

And maybe a hint of

How does that sound Paris VV? You want a piece of this?
Didn't think so. loool.


Future Man said...

I don't understand who her BF is? Is he supposed to actually be important? Important in the sense of: more so than the facial hair I just shaved?

Mrs. M. said...

well i can say with certainty that he's definitely not more important than the facial hair you just shaved. Or that annoucement on tv shows that say "closed captioning provided for the hearing impaired."

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