Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hit It or Quit It: Brad Pitt in Vanity Fair

Brad Pitt took a few precious moments away from being dragged by his balls by Angelina and single handidly saving the world from poverty, sickness, starvation, coodies and global warming to pose for Vanity Fair magazine with his Inglorious Bastards co-stars. While Mr. Pitt portarys Nazi-hunting Lieutenant Aldo Raine, Diane Kruger poses as Bridget von Hammersmark, Mélanie Laurent as Shosanna Dreyfus and Eli Roth as Sergeant Donny Donowitz among others.
Although Diane Kruger (Pitt's costar in "Troy") looks stunning in these shots, I sadly cannot say the same thing for Bradley Pitt. This may go against the law of nature, but I've never found him to be hot. Ever. Not even a little. And that mustache is definitely not helping the situation. Not many dudes can rock the stache without looking like a cross between Burt Reynolds circa 1977, Ron Jeremy, and Mr. Monopoly, Mr. Pitt included. However while I may be throwing garlic and holy water at the 'stache, I know there is very little that can repel you away from the animal magnetism (that I'm obviously immune to) when it comes to this dude. Therefore it is with mcuh curiosity that I ask-mustache and all-Brad Pitt: Hit It or Quit It?


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