Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hollywood's Biggest Bitchfaces

Being a celebrity is hard, ya'll. Designers are throwing clothes at you, producers are throwing their scripts at you, and fans are throwing their knickers at you. With all that ducking and diving it's no wonder the average celebrity suffers from a little thing I like to call Bitchface. The New York Post picked up on this phenomenon that is slowly sweeping the nation and complied a list of Hollywood's Biggest Sourpusses. Not suprisingly a few slebs topping this list include Taylor Momsen, Kristin Stewart and Samantha Ronson. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that notorious pap beater Sean Penn did not rank at all! And although I don't blame them for smaking her ass on this list, I have to stand up for my girl Maggie Gyllenhaal who ranked as one of the grumpiest bitches in Hollywood. Sure she's grouchy, but some people were just born bitchy. Like me. Therefore I can empathize. Besides, she's a ferocious jungle cat and one of the most unique actors in Hollywood, so we should be willing to let it slide. Anyway, here's the list. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on who was chosen.
Taylor Momsen
Kristen Stewart
The Jonas Brothers
Samantha Ronson
Matthew Perry
Ginnifer Goodwin
Toby Maguire
Mischa Barton
Marc Anthony
Victoria "Posh" Beckham
The Olsens
Keanu Reeves
Evan Rachel Wood
Maggie Gyllenhaal


Elizabeth Victoria C said...

What a funny list, I'm a big fan of almost everyone on it. I guess I like bitches haha! Though I do agree that all those people appear to be pretty bitchy, I'm so sure that I would be too if I had flashbulbs in my face 24/7.

Syed Sajjad Hussain said...

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