Monday, April 20, 2009

Emma Watson in May's Interview Magazine

The fabulous Miss Emma Watson has been booking high fashion coveted cover after high fashion coveted cover for a hot minute now, being fought over by photographers and editors alike, all vying for the opportunity to work with the young Harry Potter starlet. Even Karl Lagerfeld himself stopped calling everyone fatty fat fats for five minutes to shoot the ingenue for last month's Crash magazine. This time the actress was snapped by Nick Knight whose shot the likes of Gwen (Stefani, that is) and David Bowie among other famous names. Does this mean the young Watson is destined to become just as iconic? Only time will tell. But for the moment at least this class act is definitely THE it chick for the fashion world.

Anyway below is a slideshow of her editorial for the mag which I'm sure fans of the actress will enjoy. And believe me, she has quite a following. In fact, she's one of the most searched slebs on this site.


Emily said...

She's so adorable and photographs beautifully... but the girl can't act.

Future Man said...

Is she blowing something?

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