Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hugh Laurie to the Rescue

These days, nearly every celeb has a problem with reality. Most consider themselves demi-gods that are above the "Little people". As such they demand special treatment as if playing a character on a television show or movie gives them the right to become pushy, haughty and demanding. With this sense of entitlement normally comes a tendency to treat others with an undignified lack of respect. But not Hugh Laurie. Oh no. In fact, the English gentleman reportedly ripped a crew member on the set of "House" a new one because they were treating the extra like crap. The National Enquirer reports:
"Normally a laid back, perfect gentleman, Hugh Laurie suddenly scared the hell out of his House mates when he ripped into an assistant director for bellowing and harassing extras. After Hugh heard Bully Boy rip into the extras telling them to “shut up and pay attention,” he reacted with a huge Hugh and cry - springing from his seat, getting in the jerk’s face and snarling: “These are people, my friend, and you will treat them as such or you will NOT be working here!”
Bully Boy immediately backed down, but when he tried to walk away, Laurie stopped him and demanded: “Don’t you have something you’d like to say to these good people… like ‘I’m sorry!’?” Chastised Chump sheepishly offered apologies to everyone and swiftly split!"
Oh snap. Hugh Laurie is sort of gangtsa. Somehow though this does not surprise me. Hugh seems like a man of the people, and I can easily see him reacting this way. As he should. No one has the right to talk to another human being like they are lesser-especially self-important celebs. It's like, you entertain us with your follies for a living. You don't cure cancer.


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