Monday, April 13, 2009

Japan Fashion Week: The Best of the Besteses

There were sooo many fantastic looks at Japan's Fall Fashion Week that it was incredibly difficult to choose just a few to represent the best of the best. Fortunatly most designers opted for deconstructed looks rather than playing it safe. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have swaddled, meticulous fabric draped all over my luscious body than some crappy ol average looking shit that took little time or effort. Fashion is art and thanks to amazing designers such as Reem Alasadi and Montari Ono (who were by far my faves), we have a ton of fabulous frocks to drool and lust over in the upcoming months. God bless the creative mind.
Han Ahn Soon

Dress Camp




Jotaro Saito

Yuki Torii

The Dress & Co.


suzuki takayuki

Theatre Productions

Montari Ono (The entire collection was superb!!!)

Akira Naka & Junya Tashiro

Ritsuko Shirahama


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