Sunday, April 12, 2009

Katy Perry and Paper Magazine's Most Beautiful of 2009 List

While I love Chloe Sevigny but loathed her latest photoshoot, I loathe Katy Perry and love her editorial in this month's Paper. The magazine chose the singer to rep their annual Beautiful People issue, despite not actually naming her one of the beautiful ones. Instead, the mag chose Kristen Wiig, Allison Pill, Charlyne Yi, Aziz Ansari, Hank Williams Thomas and Whitney Port (Whitney f***cking Port!!) as just some of their beautiful people that they obviously did not consider quite beautiful enough to be on the cover. In other words, being beautiful on the inside is awesome! So long as you talk all your beautiful talk with a beautiful brown paper bag over that fug mug so we don't have to see your tragic face for fear it might eff up our day. Anyway, here's the full list of pretty on the inside, ugly on the out. Their implications, not mine.
The Most Beautiful People 2009
Abe Vigoda
Alia Penner
Alison Pill
Aurel Schmidt
Aziz Ansari
Bad Brilliance
Broadway Boys
Charlyne Yi
Cushnie et Ochs
DJ Cassidy
Felipe Mendez
Francesco Clark
Golden Animals
Hank Willis Thomas
Joseph Altuzarra
Keegan & Kate
Kristen Wiig
Matt Creed
Matt & Kim
Med Abrous
Quintin Hardy
Ray Tintori
Rivka Galchen
Thu Tran
Tiffany Campell
Tyson Toussant
Whitney Port
Zoe Lister Jones

Oh, and this post would not be complete without a major eyerolling quote from Ms. Perry: "For a long time, I wished for boobies; I got that. And I wished to have a record out, and I got that. And now I have both boobies and a record -- I don't think there's anything else a woman needs." I don't think anything more even needs to be said about that right there.


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