Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lady GaGa in Asos Magazine

First off, I must ask: Does Lady GaGa remind you in any way of Benny Ninja? You know, the fierce posing expert on America's Next Top Model? Methinks Ninja has been teaching Lady G some of the tricks of his trade, because girlfriend is a master at shapes and angles. And this photoshoot for Asos Magazine is no exception. I haven't yet decided whether I think Lady G. is just a passing fad (this generation's Lady Miss Kier?!?) or here to stay, but for now she's a fun, funky girl to have around.
However, while I'm not sure of Lady G's place in music history, there is one thing I'm sure of: the girl looks great. So many people have been ragging on her for her "butterface" (as seen in the parody beloe by the same name), but that is the face baby Jesus gave her and she's working it with all she's got. I think she's the best looking version of herself and that's all you can ask of somebody. Sure I may make fun of people's fashion sense, but I never make fun of an original, natural grill. That's just plain mean! If I were her, I would find Rumer Willis and being plotting a diabolical scheme to get revenge on all the bitches that made fun of my hot, rich ass.

Anyway, here's Lady G in Asos as well as the parody of "Poker Face".


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