Monday, April 20, 2009

Lady GaGa in Parlour Magazine

Lady GaGa is all up in the newest issue of Parlour Magazine talking about-what else?-art, sex and fashion. "I mean now my outfits are considered cool." says the sudden stylista. Now everytime I've got an outfit on someone says 'You have amazing fashion!' But there was a time when I was hanging out on Rivington Street and people were like 'You're a fucking freak!'" Psht, girl! That's just how the public works. They hate something until everyone else loves it, then they claim they invented it.
Lady G also claims that her sense of style is inspired by change and the future. "When I talk about the future I don't mean like outer space. So much of what I'm doing is about pollution, it's advanced technology, it's industrial and it's factorylife. It's not like Mars." Say whosiwhatsitnow? Don't get me wrong-I believe that fashion is art and art is life, but dude. Let's not go overanalyzing shit. You provide entertainment to a world that needs it. End of story. And while her style is undeniably dope, she's barely been relevant five minutes, therefore she's hardly a style icon. Besides, those shutter shades, shoulder padded blazers and futuristic bodysuits? They've all been done before. She's just recycling fashion-not reinventing the wheel.


ChicChickory said...

This chick is a freak and I Love her!

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