Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's All Get Wasted and Wear Giant Hats...Again.

Spring has sprung which means one very important thing: PWWs get a chance to get utterly blasted off Dom Perignon and model ridiculously expensive clothes and giant macrame hats in front of their family, friends, and photographers who have no bloody idea who they are. I know it's mean, but you have no idea how bad I want to smack the hats off those rich, narcissistic bitch's heads and declare "You arent Isabella Blow, bitch. So get off it." What's the worst that could happen? The toss their drink in my face and call me porr? Those chicks are so predictable and I'm pretty sure they arent capable of engaging in either a verbal or physical altercation. Besides, that's what assistants and maids are for. Well, that and dry cleaning the vomit off a Louis Vuitton blouse. But I digress.
Here are some of the pics of the PWWs at the AAMI Golden Slipper Day which is basically fancy talk for "Something to entertain our rich, pill popping wives, making them feel all important and stuff." Do the words "Vapid" and "Qualudes" coming to anyone else's mind?


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