Thursday, April 30, 2009

LiLo's Done With Innies, Now Dating Outies

Lindsay Lohan's trip down mammary lane may be over, but her rendevous with dudes has apparently only just begun. Just a few days after her secret meeting with exgirlfriend Sam Ronson, LiLo was spotted getting awfully friendly with a new older man in Maui. 36 year old Ben Holtz, Radar Online Reports:
“Though Lohan has typically gone for DJs, actors and musicians in the past, her latest companion is an entrepreneur whose latest venture is a Web-based tech company called Ben Holz, a Carnegie Mellon grad, is currently based in Seattle, WA, but previously owned a couple of internet cafes on the Hawaiian island.”
When called Holz to ask about his relationship with Lohan, he was obviously amused. But, like a true gentleman, he refused to kiss and tell. “I’d prefer not to say anything about the situation,” he said with a laugh. Still, it was clear from the pictures taken on Tuesday that he was smitten with the actress, snapping photos of her posing against the rocky terrain and even carrying her beach bag for her."
Translation: He will milk this shit for all it is worth and when they break up he will be selling their "wild sex romp" stories to any rag that offers him even a hint of attention. It's so obvious yet it's basically the same trick nearly every man LiLo has dated has pulled. Babygirl really needs to get a clue. And also probably some friends to tell her to stay single for a while. Because obviously she has none.


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