Friday, April 24, 2009

Lisa Edelstein in French FHM

At 42 Lisa Edelstein is arguably the hottest cast member of House MD (yes, hotter than 13), proving that women in their 40's have mad game. The actress recently did a cover and spread for French FHM, putting all those young tarts to shame with her fab physique and charming personality. Here are some highlights from the article along with her entire editorial. All I have to say is get you some you hot ass bitch! I wish I looked as good as she does now nevermind at 42. She's a freak of nature in the best way.
FHM: Don't get me wrong but you're probably the oldest of our "cover girls" after ten years... How does it make you feel to be a woman over fourty and to be still considered sexy?
LE: It's great! I had never thought of myself as sexy until I reached fourty. Actually, when you reach fourty everything starts making sense. Every piece of the puzzle finds their place, every information about yourself, your body, your life...Fulfilling oneself as a woman. There's no true secret of beauty. As long as you take care of yourself, you feel beautiful.
FHM: Certainly...But you have a particularly dashing figure. How do you keep in shape?
LE: I've been practicing yoga ashtanga for twelve years. The body that you have seen on screen during the strip scene is exactly the same as the one I had at the begining of the show in 2004.

FHM: Speaking of which, you've been portraying Dr. Cuddy for five years now, are you tired of it?
LE: Of course not! When I got the first couple of scripts for House, I knew right away that talented people were writing them and that the character of Cuddy would be interesting to play in the long run.
FHM: What are the similarites between you and your character?
LE: She's clever and funny, she likes clothes, she does her job well, she knows what she wants and how to get to it and she really has bad taste in men! Cuddy and I, we both fall for the very intellignet jerk kind of guy"...
FHM: Have you ever fallen in love with a man as cranky and cynical as House?
LE: Yes...And I won't say more!
FHM: What do you find sexy about a man?
LE: His brain. I find that the way a man thinks is more sexy than his looks. I am a visual, I am attracted to physical appearence. But if there isn't a brain, it's not worth it.

I also had to include one of me and my husband's favorite scenes ever. It's from "Keeping the Faith" and is hilarious. "I think you will find Rabbi that this princess is no pushover. So punch me. I'm not scared!!!"


Atlanta Cougar said...

I have always been a Lisa Edelstein fan. She was a neighbor of my cousin in Wayne NJ. She grew up there.

Mrs. M. said...

that's awesome! She seems like she'd be really sweet and down to earth.

Michelle said...

Wow... I can only hope I look even a quarter as good as she does at 40. O_O

Mrs. M. said...

Me too! She puts 98% of 20-somethings to shame.

beti86 said...

I looove her :D she's so amazing :D thx for sharing ;*

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