Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Orphan Zoe With Some Less Famous People

Little Orphan Zoe Kravitz attended Coachella. Yes, I know. Shocker. But the best part is the princess of my world was snapped hanging out with the goddess known as M.I.A., Kanye West, and Aziz Ansari who was clearly shocked and thrilled to meet such a gorgeous, talented human being. I hope he was wearing Depends, because I am sure he relieved himself upon being blessed with her holy presence.
Now knowing LOZ like we do, it goes without saying that she arrived wearing something that used to either be a piece of food, a used tissue, or some sort of cardboard container that she found inthe dumpster. How else is she expected to upstage all the gross hipsterness that flooded Coachella? She can't simply throw on an old pair of stirrup pants or wear socks with sandals. That was what everyone else was rocking and it will be a cold day in hell before she lets some other dirty poseur hone in on her gig. She's slacker chic goddamnit! She's gotta be cute in an "I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night, but I do it in a Balenciaga dress, because it makes me feel alright" sort of way. To allow some pretender step in like they run her shit would be illegal! In fact I hope fash-loving Kanye brought along a pad and a pen. Because meeting with someone of LOZ's calibur is a once in a lifetime opportunity to schmooze with a fashion goddess! Karl Lagerfeld bow down because LOZ is the true style icon!


tastythreads said...

lol. i love this old post you wrote. pure comic genius!


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