Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Metal Equivalent of Jazz Hands

Let me first go on record by saying there is nothing metal about rock hands. Anymore at least. They have officially died a slow and painful death and sadly there is no hope of reincarnation. Just say your fond farewell and think of them only on a nostalgic rainy day. And if you're really hurting might I suggest the good ol buddy Jesus double thumbs up? It's less chessy and slightly more hip.
Speaking of Go Away, look at who popped up at "Anvil! The Story Of Anvil". Why it's none other than Vh1's favorite lady, person type thing you love to pretend you don't love, Daisy De La Not Really Hoya looking as natural and earthy as ever.
Like a fresh pristine pearly oyster that has been soaked in seaweed and banged against a boulder for a few months straight. Also in attendance were the Madden brothers (who I am really, tragically ashamed to say look sort of hot *shudder*) along with a dazed, confused and homeless looking Keanu Reeves who appears to have just raided "Rush Rush" costar Paula Abdul's medicine cabinet. Tsk, tsk. Metal just isn't what it used to be is it Henry Rollins?
That's what I thought.


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