Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pattinson and the Real Girl

First off let me start by saying me no likey this photoshoot. I am definitely down for the avante garde, but this shit is straight washed out, emotionless, and boring. It's also flaunting the biggest hell-to-the-no in all of fashion history-the black sock/shorts/dress shoes combo. It just reminds me of pasty old men on the beach and there is nothing-I repeat nothing-sexy about that.
Also can you believe the girl in these pics are real? Not Lars and the Real Girl real. Real real. The model in this 2001 Miu Miu swimwear campaign is 22 year old Brit Lucy Flower (who you may know from Britain's Next Top Model Cycle 2) but she looks like a mannequin that has been sucked of all charisma and appeal. Usually Miu Miu knocks it out of the park, but this spread for South China Morning Post newspaper’s weekend magazine is about as bland as you can get. In other words, Epic Fail.
Flower, obviously intent to revive her career, blabbed to Star about the shoot with Pattinson saying “Robert was such a shy, reserved little boy back then, I never would have thought he had that kind of superstardom ahead of him. Also, I don’t believe he was very comfortable with the outfit he had to wear and the fact that he was shirtless. So it’s not surprising that he was so quiet and seemed so nervous that day.” I'm not so sure it was the shirtlessness he was uncomfortable with. Perhaps it was merely the five pounds of fug that's crapping up these pictures. I mean honestly, they could not have been styled any worse. Whoever signed off on this mess is obviously suffering from severe bullemia of the brains.


Emily said...

I agree. Ew Rocbert ew! What the hell is he thinking? And yeah, that model might as well be a mannequin.

Anonymous said...

poor Rob! I feel bad for him that these things have surfaced. He was just a kid back then, with no control over the content of the photos.

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