Monday, April 20, 2009

Peaches Talks to Out

One of my all-time favorite artists ever, Peaches, is about to drop her latest alnum "I Feel Cream" on May 4th. To celebrate, Peaches turned to perhaps her most loyal fanbase-the gay community. In this interview with Out, the singer talks about everything from Britney Spears and Madonna, to gender and sexuality to feeling even more sexalicious at 40. "You can look at Madonna" says Peaches "in that way right? She’s 50. It’s controversial for people. Maybe they love it or maybe they think, “Give it up! You’re so old!” There are so many strong women who have so much influence on mainstream culture at this point, there’s no denying them getting older and still being a part of it. It used to be people making fun of older women and men dressing as them. It’s a whole new combination of ageists and the way we view age. There is the whole other side where people are insane about their Botox and stuff like that." But if Madonna is not the exemplary role model for Peaches, who is then? "Grace Jones. She’s an amazing example with her little ass sticking out at 60 and doing these fucking amazing and really hardcore shows. I don’t know if you’ve seen her new show but it’s fantastic and it’s not slick. It’s real." La Hot Stuff also discussed her mad love for the gays, stressing her respect for how progressive they usually are. "Gay culture is always ahead of every other culture because of its openness. There’s a certain experience where they have come up against the wild -- where something isn’t accepted in the mainstream culture so they’ve always had a second look. Like, “Wait a minute, something’s not right here. I feel right the way I am but the world tells me it’s wrong or Christian culture tells me it’s wrong or any religious culture tells me it’s wrong.” Obviously it’s religion that’s the problem, not the way you feel. I just feel they’re always a step ahead because they’ve had to deal with certain things."
Needless to say, I totally love this woman. My IPod can hardly wait for the day when it can proudly play some new Peaches. While I haven't heard but a few of the new songs, I love what I've listened to. Especially "More" which is beyond hot. I'm also loving the new hair. Methinks it's her best to date.
And just in case you are curious as to what else is in the teaches of peaches, you can read the whole interview plus see an exclusive video at


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