Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pushing Daisies Season 2 DVD Has a Release Date!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am supermadlybonkers about Pushing Daisies. It was the single greatest television show that has or will ever grace the boob tube. Sadly the second season has been in limbo due to ABC not making a damn decision about whether or not they will air the final three episodes of the season. Creator (and genius) Bryan Fuller went on to explain that the DVDs couldn't come out until the network aired those episodes, and that ABC's rights to air them extended through September.
However Warner Brothers has stated this morning that Pushing Daisies - The Complete 2nd Season will come to DVD and high definition Blu-ray Disc on mah birthday- July 21st! It's like their own personal barfday gift to me. The discs will come with 13 episodes with an official back-of-the-box running time of 562 minutes.
Bonus material includes an "Easy as Pie" Featurette, presented as an on-screen Pop-Up book, narrated by Jim Dale. Warner Video describes it this way: "Easy as Pie" will feature photos and supplementary material, while Jim's narration will inform us with all manner of behind-the-scenes tid-bits! This is the info that was provided about special features in the studio's retailer listings this morning, for both the DVD and Blu-ray. On the other hand, rear box art for both versions (seen below) shows that the Special Features include these Featurettes: "The Master Pie Maker: Inside the Mind of Creator Bryan Fuller," "From Oven to Table: Crafting a Script Idea Into Reality," "Super Sweet Ingredients: Spotlight on Composer Jim Dooley's Work" and "Add a Little Magic: Executing Some Giant-Sized Visual Effects".
The DVD release comes on 4 discs costing $39.98 while the Blu-ray Disc format version comes on 2 "BD-50" discs costing $49.99. But the joy you will get watching it? Priceless.



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