Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Queen of the Hipster Scene, Straight Out of Vice Magazine...

Ok so that sign doesn't really read "I Heart Slacker Chic", but I wish it did! It actually reads "I Heart ONTD" which is kind of some bullish seeing as how I write about Little Orphan Zoe's ass more than, well, probably every gossip and fashion website in the history of the world. In fact I probably promote her more than her own publicist does. And why not? Girl is flawless, has amazing style and two highly trained mice to whip her up a Cinderella pumpkin and a couture gown made out of toaster shakings, one half a roll of duct tape, a handful of sawdust and three envelopes in less than ten minutes.
Anyway here are some pics of LOZ shooting her new movie Twelve in New York City’s Central Park yesterday. I bet Jaq and Gus will even make a cameo.


The Dark Bohemiian said...

this girl is cute ... but i ve the impression that she is taking it too seriously lil bit "snob" to me

Anonymous said...

Shes so perfect it hurts.......the pic where shes holding the coffee cup is too much!


Mrs. M. said...

ikr! Even when she had that choppy pixie hair she looked flawless. If anyone else had that do theyd look busted but she rocked it.

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