Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rachel McAdams in May's Marie Claire is Breathtaking

Holy mackerel Rachel McAdams is beautiful. Honestly probably one of the most naturally gorgeous girls in the world. She's positively radiant! Her skin, her face, her smile-it's all flawless. The star of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie joined the Marie Claire book club for the May issue, discussing one of her favorite reads, Prodigal Summer.
The actress, who is currently dating Josh Lucas, also talked about her affinity for staying out of the Hollywood fastlane, prefering her Canadian residence a much more appealing place to call home. "(It's an) old house that's kind of falling apart, but that's just my taste." If I were her, I'd want to live far, far away from that town of crazies too.



I just took Marie Clare out of the mailbox, can't wait to read it

Emily said...

I STILL can't believe she is over 30!

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