Monday, April 27, 2009

Rebecca Glasscock Strikes Again!

If you were a faithful follower of RuPaul's Drag Race like I was, then I don't need to tell you who the glorious creature on the left is. But just in case you happened to miss one of the most glamorous, eventful shows in the history of television, I'll give you the low down. Rebecca Glasscock, 26, was a contestant on Drag Race and all the bitches were hating. She was the baby of the group and had the least amount of experience out of all the queens, making her public enemy number one. What she lacked in experience though she made up for in beauty. However even when the other contestants tried to extend an olive branch, RC was all bitch, please and was not having any of it. She wound up snagging third place on the show, but will always be number one in my heart. (Ok, number two. Shannel will forever be my favorite.)
Since the competition, Rebecca has kept her beautiful ass busy, popping up everywhere from here to HoBoken. Next on her to do list is the upcoming "Queen of the Kims" contest where she will compete with other hot chicks who bare similarities to Kim Kardashian. This lovely informative description of the contest was posted by KK on her official website:
"I am sooo excited to tell you that my lookalike competition Queen of the Kims is launching this Wednesday! If you haven't heard about
'Queen of the Kims' it's a lookalike contest in which "real girls" go head to head with drag queens and then you guys get to pick the winner!! I'll have complete details on how to enter on Wednesday but for now, check out this clip from my appearance on the Tyra Banks Show where Tyra and I chat about the contest. This episode airs on Wednesday but I wanted you guys to see the clip first and get you excited for the competition. The two lovely lookalikes in the pictures are Rebecca and Jessenia, and they are two finalists who will go up against 8 other lookalikes! All will be explained very very soon."
Ok first off, if anything Rebecca's magnificent ass resembles the hottest fire breathing amphibean ever to stomp her stillettos on the pavement, Khloe Kardashian. She and Khloezilla could be twinsies! Tell me they do not fall from the same attack of the 50 foot glamazon tree:

Argentavis Magnificens of a feather flock together.


Anonymous said...

rebecca is a dude!!! while jessenia vice is a beautify model and nurse. i found her by googling her. shes somethign els!!!

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