Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scarlett Johansson for Moët & Chandon

I, like many other people, am not usually a big fan of celeb endorsements (at least when it comes to alcohol-unless of course we're talking about Paris Hilton's elegant canned champagne which I am most definitely in favor of). However when it comes to the most beautiful woman in the universe Scarlett Johansson, I am all for the endorsements. In fact, ScarJo should single handidly represent everything. Bic lighters, cat food, tires, snowmobiles, cellular phones, alpacas, insulation, you name it, she should rep it. The goremous actress makes her ability to sell the hell out of stuff apparently clear in her new ads for Moët & Chandon shot by world renowned photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. These pics represent everything that comes to mind when I think of ScarJo-luxury, elegance, fun, and decadence. Adding to the fact that I had never even heard of Moët & Chandon prior to these ads, I'd say Scarlett was the perfect choice. Frédéric Cumenal, chairman of Moet, echos that sentiment, stating that the actress was the “obvious choice’ to be the company’s celebrity ambassador. "She, like Moët, has a magical story to tell and makes people dream….She is a true icon of celebration - refreshingly spontaneous, generous, glamorous and she lives life to the fullest both on-screen and off.”
I couldn't agree more. However I will say, if you're going to hire ScarJo-someone who is known for her famous curves-you shouldn't go photoshopping them out. Tsk, tsk on that one Moet. Tsk, tsk.


sandra said...

gorgeous as always! love her :D

Scandalous Housewife said...

Paris Hilton has canned champagne? What in the GD hell makes her think she knows anything about champagne, much less canned? Francis Ford Coppolla has a fabu canned champagne that I like to call 'Mommy's Little Juice Box'. It's 'Sophia' and he made the champagne for his daughter's (failed) marriage.

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