Saturday, April 11, 2009

She's Bad. Bad Ass.

First off let me say it takes some giant lady balls to go and shave your head like this. Sheering your shit is a major committment, one which most women would never, ever even dare to tread on. Not Cassie however. This chick did not hesitate to shave half her head and the result is a kick ass, edgy new do.
Honest to God I think this look is SO dope on her. Not everyone can pull this off, but she definitely does. It's young and fresh and perfect. Sure she's not totally shorn ala the goddess Amber Rose, but this fits her much better. Sexy and tough.
Most women I've spoken to have said that shaving their head is the worst thing they could ever imagine. In fact, I used to work with this one girl who said she almost wanted to shave her head to see if she could literally give everything-all material, worldly goods-to God. This chick went on missionary travels around the world. sacrificing years at a time with her friends and family, yet she didn't think she could shave her head. It boggles me how crazy some chicks can be over a little loss of hair. It's not like it doesn't grow back. Regardless Cassie looks awesome. So awesome I'm tempted to give her a free pass on the metal equivalent of jazz hands.


Emily said...

Props for trying, but she doesn't quite pull it off like Alice Dellal. Now THAT girl is stunning!

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