Friday, April 24, 2009

Spike Jones and Michelle Williams to Wed?

Director Spike Jonze and Michelle Williams have been a coupling for less than a year now, yet the rumor mills are already buzzing that the indie pair are contemplating getting hitched. Although Williams was slow to move on after her split from Heath, she has since mended her heart with Jonze who has treated the actress and her daughter Matilda like his own blood. Sources say it is this dedication and devotion that has won Williams over and that the couple could wed as soon as this summer. “They’re in love and absolutely thrilled with each other,” says a source. “They don’t see why they should wait much longer.” The source also emphasized how much Spike adores little Matilda. “Spike loves being with Matilda. He’s teaching her to skateboard and to ride a bike. He never makes Michelle feel like taking care of her is a burden, because he truly thinks of them all as a family.”
Aw! No cynicism here! As much as MW and Matilda have had to go through they both deserve all the happiness and serenity in the world. Here's hoping the rumors ring true so they both can get their happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

Two things that would have made this article better:

1. Spelling Spike Jonze's name right
2. Actually putting up a picture of Michelle and Spike

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