Friday, April 10, 2009

These People Made a Baby

Hey guess what? Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant. The actress just announced that she and husband of 7 years, Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting a little bundle of sleepless nights in the fall. I know this might seem like a bore, and you most likely don't care, however I sort of think congratulations are in order. Here's a couple that has been married for almost a decade (which is like 50 years in Hollyhood years) prior to becoming baby incubators. For most celeb couples a child is an accesory or something to help save a flailing career or marriage. The fact that these two waited is kind of admirable. Besides, it's great that they took the time to enjoy each other as a married couple before diving right into have babays. So congrats to the adorable couple! I'm sure they will have a very happy life with their soon to be three-part named baby.


Anonymous said...

i think it is wicked that they are have a baby but i am jelous of the baby he/she is so lucky and yes i wounder how sarah and freddie will cope with the

love them all and i hope they are a happy faily

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