Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Is The Whitest Thing I Have Ever Seen

As a white girl, I have to fight crippling stereotypes every single day. Because of how we are typically portrayed on television and movies, strangers assume that I use words like "Go girl!" and "For sure". Even worse, they assume that I suffer from a debilitating degenerative disease that impairs me from being able to bust a move or have even a hint of rythmn. I have spent the entirety of my life fighting these blatant stereotypes and showing the world that hey, I may be white, but dag nabbit I can get down and boogie with the best of them.
Pioneers like Eminem, Lady Sovereign, The Beastie Boys and...did I already say Eminem?...have paved the way for whitees across the globe, showing that we are full on capable of more. But then-oh yes, but then-along comes one whack individual that goes and ruins it all for us. In this instance, that individual is Katy Perry. The singer was caught the other day doing THIS on stage. I don't know if she was dropping it like it was lukewarm or having some sort of unfortunate seizure, but either way it was quite possibly the whitest thing I think I've ever seen. And that's the problem with being associated with no rythymn. You very well could be having a seizure but no one's going to help you because they all just assuming that's your way of dancing. White stereotypes can ruin lives! So the next time you see a white chick on the dance floor doing this mess, be sure to give her the ol "Honey, are you alright? Do you need medical assistance?!?" Chances are she won't, but it will probably at the very least make her embarrassed enough to stop. Then maybe she'd quit making the rest of us look so lame.


Michelle said...

Blegh. Katy Perry gets on my nerves.. I may be Hispanic/Italian/Belizean... but I look like a white chic and get similar stereotypes... and wow... she just made it that much worse. *slaps forehead*

ChicChickory said...

She should have had a V8

Mrs. M. said...

OMG LoL @ the V8

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