Friday, April 3, 2009

This Outfit is Totally Bodacious and Most Excellent

Oh yeah. This is what I am talking about. Leave it to Little Orphan Zoe Kravitz to step up her game by repping the high waisted acid washed, rolled at the bottom, pleated in the front denim pants with a heavily shoulder padded coat and fringe top. I suppose now that Girl on Film Amber Rose has burst onto the scene like a neon angel sent from heaven, LOZ realizes it's time to stop wadding in the kiddie pool and start hitting it hard with all she's got. The only way this outfit could be more regal and timeless is if those jeans were stirrup pants and topped off with a pair of white Keds. Or as my grandmother liked to call them, "kickers". Overall though, very strong. Your movie Amber Rose!
Speaking of which, LOZ and Amber Rose really should have some sort of style off. I see it going down a lot like this:

With LOZ playing the part of Jem of course. Also in the spirit of LOZ who I love, I've sprinkled in some pics of her at Matthew Williamson and Erin Fetherston. Eau de Moth Balls.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Why did she break into her mama's 80's wardrobe closet from the Cosby set and pull out those acid wash jeans? Stirring up some bad, Scandy memories...

Mrs. M. said...

then perhaps i should not mention the waterfall hairdo ala Lisa Bonet's Cosby days?

Ammir said...

i enjoyed nice, good, entertaining

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