Wednesday, April 8, 2009

VH1's Charm School with Ricki Lake Cast Announced

VH1 will be airing it's newest installment of the show you can't help but watch even though you're pretty sure it slowly sucks the intelligence from your body until there is nothing left but a hollow shell, Charm Schol on Monday, May 11 at 9. So in preparation (H because this shit gives me the hemorrhoids) they have unveiled the newest crop of skanks pretending to be all changed and shit for the shot at $250,000. Let us begin with the Rock of Love Bus biatches. Ashley and her partner in syphillis Farrah will be featured in the show alongside Beverly, bananas Brittaney, the gorgeous Brittanya, Gia (aka the "drink shots from my dirty snatch" girl), Marcia Brazil, and the dope x-pornstar Natasha.
Now for the Real Chance of Love hos. That fug ass self-righteous c-u-next tuesday Bay Bay Bay has signed on, as has Bubbles, Ki Ki, KO, Risky, and So Hood. If I had to put my money on an early favorite, it would have to be Natasha. If anyone can silence the inner skank just long enough to make that cheddar, it's definitely Natasha. I'd also like to see Brittanya stick around for a while, because she's pretty. I know that's incredibly shallow, but look at what show we're talking about. It's not like this is "Who Wants to be the Next Molecular Physicist."
And by the way, where is my girl Lusty?!? I'm telling you, they better be giving that HBIC her own show.


Suburbia Steph said...

I'm still baffled as to why they chose Ricki Lake....weird.

wowgoldworld said...
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Atlanta Cougar said...

Total trainwreck! Can't wait!

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