Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I believe that major congratulations and kudos are in order to whomeever photoshitted the crap out of these pictures. After all, you have to be pretty damn gifted to fug up Halle Berry on this kind of level. And she's not just looking worse for the wear, she looks deranged. Like she's been conversating with the yellow wallpaper again. Having conversations with it and getting into heated philisophical arguments on a daily basis. In fact she looks so totally whack she's beginning to resemble another glamorously deranged helmet head...
Clearly there is some fuckery going down at the offices of Harper's Bazaar. This May issue is a major, major fail. Looking like a goddamn barbitute abusing Floridian cable wheel spinner and sheet. "And what's behind curtain number three, Sally? Why it's a bottle of Prozac and a five day four night stay at Promises!


Suburbia Steph said...

Damn! You're right!

Anonymous said...
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