Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wanna Get Rowdy, Gonna Get a Little Unruly...

Has Christina Aguilera finally ditched the pin-up look for her formerly Dirrrty self? Sadly no. But lucky for all of us Daisy De La Hoya has realized that we are a country without a bikini top and ripped jeans wearing bleach blonde with black streaks hair having 5 foot nothing Polly Pocket of a chica to represent as the goodwill ambassador for skank. Girlfriend saw that a group of individuals needed leadership and representation, and stepped up to the plate. Do you know what we call that? A hero. She has selflessly sacrificed her body temperature, risking goosebumps and the chills not for herself, but for her people. And for that nobel display of altruism Daisy, we salute you.


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