Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I think the better question is "What the hell isn't wrong with this picture?" I know that Pamela Anderson will forever be a sex goddess in her own mind but honey please. It is time to put away the coochie cutters because we do not want to see what lies beneath. Actually scratch that. We can already see what lies beneath. At this point her embrionic membrane is showing. Add to that the fact that her unbutton blouse and half tucked shirt are making her look sloppy as hell and her roots are darker than the blackened charred heart of SamRo and you have yourself a certified hot mess. And what is up with the ten pounds of sugar in a five pound sack? Don't get me wrong, Pam has a great body, but she is doing herself a diservice to herself buying her clothes from the toddler's section of Whores R Us. Overall this entire thing, beave to brain is one great big, gigantic epic fail.


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