Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why So Conservative? And Shy?

What in the name of all that is holy is Lady GaGa wearing?!? Are those...pants? As in fabric to cover her legs? I've gotten so used to her flashing her lady bits like she's mid-OBGYN exam that her wearing so much clothing seems a tad unsettling and uberconservative. In fact she's reminding me of my uptight Bible beating teachers at my old Christian school that thought pants, vaginas, music and thoughts were all of the devil.

And might I also ask why suddenly so shy? Shooing away the paps as if you do not want to be photographed. What bollucks! Even though she is admittedly dressed waaaaaay down, you still can't dress like a damn gold plated tampon and expect no one to take your picture. If she really wanted to go incognito she should have ditched the ghost of Grace Jones Past look and opted for something a bit less attention grabbing. Or left through the back damn door. Either way.


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