Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Do Not Mess with Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is gangsta. Even when she's in a wheelchair. The "Fast and Furious" star was being transported from baggage claim to a car in a Mexican airport on Saturday when she was suddenly smothered by a bunch of inconsiderate paps. Rodriguez, who is normally really pleasant with the paparazzi, was not too keen on having cameras shoved in her face while feeling so ill. Therefore instead of sitting there and taking it like most other people would, our girl went all shades of Sean Penn on those mofos, springing forth from her wheelchair to deliver a ssmackdown of WWE proportions. The paps of course ran from her, because they know if they're going to get their asses handed to them from a girl, it's gonna be Michelle Rodriguez. That chick is no joke.
I'll tell you though, I don't blame her. I'm sick as a freaking dog right now and if the mailman looked at me sideways I can't say my crank ass would not have the same response. Besides, you should know not to mess with M.R. This is the same girl that, unlike nearly every other celeb who faces jailtime, sucked it up, took her jail sentence like a woman, and didn't cry about how sowy she was and how she found Jesus and swears on a bag of nails that she's changed. I heart this girl and if she wants to throw that wheelchair at those paps, I'm totally behind her. But not in front of her. I don't need any rogue punches finding their way to my face.


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