Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adam Lambert Makes No Appologies

Adam Lambert may not have won American Idol, but he did win over the hearts of millions with his unappologetic style and flair for the dramatic. In fact, Adam is so comfortable with his own undefined sense of self that he's encouraging others to follow in his footsteps and do what makes them happy. "It's a really, really cool thing," the singer tells People magazine, "to be able to show people that you can be yourself, and you should be proud of yourself, and you should own who you are and what you're about, and never make apologies for it." He also says he welcomes the role model status that has come with the AI fame. "It feels really amazing to be able to try and pass that on to kids and young adults who don't have a role model like that," he says. "It feels great because I never had a role model like that." "Conforming is not cool," he adds. "Embracing who you are and what makes you different is actually what's really cool ... The kids that are different and out there and expressive and are bold with those choices, those are the people that grow up to be people we all want to hang out with, that become celebrities or become really successful in what they do because they believe in who they are."
And what about those pesky rumors regarding his sexuality? Is he gay? Of course he is He's not saying, but he did hint that he might spill the beans in his upcoming interview with Rolling Stone. But for now, he asks the press to "calm down" and "keep speculating".
All I have to say is I fucking love this queen.


Emily said...

He has a good voice... until he does that screeching thing that he does. He sounds like a cat dying sometimes =P

I personally like Kris a LOT better, just cause I know I'd buy an album of his, but I wanted Adam to win.

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