Monday, May 11, 2009

Aisha Tyler Wants to Talk It Out

In majorly awesome television news, the hotness known as Aisha Tyler has officially been given her own talk show! ABC has just announced that The Ghost Whisperer star will be hosting the appropriately named "The Aisha Tyler Show" slated to begin production shortly. According to sources it will incorporate the traditional talk show with comedic political commentary, comedy segments and other late-night show elements. Aimed at a younger audience, the show is being developed as a fully wired concept, with fans being able to communicate with Tyler via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. For fans of Tyler this doesn't come as much of a surprise considering how active she has been using technology as a means to keep fans up to date.
All I have to say is Oprah, Ellen and all the other talk show mavens better watch their asses. Aisha Tyler is a mothereffing force, and hopefully this talk show will catapult her into the superstardom she has long deserved. *Love her*


SLICE magazine said...

That is more than amazingly incredible news.. I LOVE AISHA TYLER! I used to watch her on talk Soup when i was younger... sigh.

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