Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Audrey Tatou for Chanel No. 5 Commercial

The extended commercial featuring Audrey Tatou for Chanel No. 5 has just been released and my oh my it looks a little familiar. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the same train station featured in Tatou's film "Amelie"? The ad, which was shot by Amelie director (and one of the greatest cinematic geniuses of all time) Jean-Pierre Jeunet bares a striking resemblance to the brilliant actor's other films including The City of Lost Children and A Very Long Engagement. Not that I'm complaining. Jeunet has an amazing style and could not have been a better choice for the brand. The result is a very Parisian ad and I loves it.


Anonymous said...

I have a huge problem with this ad. In the documntary French Beauty, Tatou was very condescending towards actresses who do advertising campaigns - particularly cosmetic ones. She was very holier than thou and vowed she never wanted to be the face of anything and yet here she is in a Chanel ad. Her hypocrisy bothers me to no end.

Mrs. M. said...

Wow I did not know that!

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