Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chanel's 2010 Cruise Collection

The corpse known as Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his latest vision yesterday for Chanel's 2010 Cruise Collection. Because if he didn't make clothes for PWW's taking their yachts to vacay in Cannes then who the hell would? I must admit though that unlike almost every other human on the face of the Earth I'm normally underwhelmed by Chanel and their neverending ode to tweed. However this collection is sort of worth digging. Then again that might just be because I'm a sucker for the 1920's style. That era will always be the most glamorous, the most excessive, the most chicly slacker that it gives me the tingly feelings on the inside. There should really be a roaring 20's revival. It would certainly be better than this damn 80's abomination that has infected the youth. But I digress.
Anyway here's Mr. Lagerfeld's collection in-shocker!-red, black and white. Has anyone ever checked if that bitch is colorblind? They seem to be the only colors he uses. Oh, and while you're checking could you please tell those obese, fat ass models that they look disgusting? Don't they know that the rib should be poking through the flesh? In fact, they would probably weigh less if they had some sort of skin surgery removal. Oh, and what about those organs? I mean, you only need one kidney and I bet those suckers weigh a cool 5 pounds each. I'm just saying. It's something they might want to look in to.

The ridiculously glamorous Rinko Kikuchi thanks you for your time.


Keith said...

These are some great outfits. I love the pictures. You've got a really nice blog. I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Mrs. M. said...

thanks Keith-yours is fab too! I love the cool, old school throwback vibe of it.

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