Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christian Bale in GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine interviews the dilfiest dilf that ever done dilfed for the June issue of GQ and let me tell you something-that interviewer is hella lucky he did not get a chair launched at him. He of course brings up the infamous "Bale rant" repeatedly, even asking Bale if he's heard the remixes (he has). Here are a few interresting excerpts from the article if you dare:
GQ: Would you have unleashed the Rant as intensely, if at all, had you been playing someone other than John Connor?
Christian Bale: Of course not. And it wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been playing that scene, for Christ’s sake, between John Connor and his wife, which is probably the most intense one in the movie.
GQ: I’ve been wondering if you’re so Methody that when you kept yelling, What don’t you fucking understand? the question between the lines was 'Don’t you fucking understand that by walking in front of the lights, you’re putting the survival of the human race at stake?
CB: [an irritated sigh] I’d definitely say that that guy who was yelling was at least half John Connor, and the rest was Christian Bale.
GQ: Save for a few British inflections in those four minutes of sustained screaming, the Rant occurred in your Americanized John Connor accent. Did you use that voice off-camera throughout filming?
CB: I do that because I’m just not very good at switching between two voices. If I had the talent to turn it on and off on cue, I would. But I don’t, so I have to maintain. Otherwise I’m aware that I’m “doing an accent” whenever I’m filming, instead of just speaking. Hey, listen, I don’t make any excuses. None of it is excusable. You know, I feel I already said everything about this that needs to be said when I called up the radio station.[Four days after the Rant (just audio, regrettably) became public, Bale phoned the Kevin & Bean show on KROQ in Los Angeles. After telling the hosts that during an otherwise “miserable” week, their Rant-related riffing had made him laugh, Bale launched into a ten-minute apology so abject that it might better be described as an autovivisection.]
GQ: In a way, your apology was as intense as the original tirade. You nailed that apology, man.Oh, really? I didn’t listen to it.It was like, What don’t you fucking understand? I’m APOLOGIZING!
CB: Yeah. Right.
GQ: Do people now regard you differently? You know, Oooh, there’s Christian Bale. Careful!
CB: Come on. No.
GQ: What’s your favorite Christian Bale Rant dance remix or mash-up?A friend sent me one. They did a bloody good job! I’ve gotta say, what a great impulse, you know? To take something ugly like that and make it into a dance? That’s a wonderful thing.
GQ: Have you seen the mash-up with you and the kid who’s just come from the dentist?
CB: No.
GQ: You will go home after this interview and plug in “Christian Bale David Dentist” on YouTube.
CB: Hey, look, this was not a little kid. This was a full-grown man, much bigger than me. There was no bullying going on. He was capable of dealing with it. He did. We reconciled within half an hour.
All I have to say is ohhhhh gooooood for you Freaky Bitch Bale.


Keith said...

I wouldn't want to get on Bale's bad side.

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