Friday, May 8, 2009

Daisy De La Hoya Rushed to Hospital

TMZ is reporting that VH1 reality star Daisy De La Hoya (Rock of Love, Daisy of Love) was rushed to the hospital early this morning becasue of a potential overdose. Paramedics responded on the scene after a 911 call from friends after they heard Daisy making strange noises in her friend's Hollywood Hills home. When firefighters and medics came to the house, sources say Daisy was acting "crazy" -- yelling, screaming and thrashing around. It took multiple emergency personnel to get Daisy into the ambulance. Daisy is currently receiving treatment at a Los Angeles area hospital. Hours before the incident, TMZ cameras caught Daisy looking all shades of wasted at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood. In the meantime Daisy's appearances for this weekend, which were booked by her agent, Mike Esterman have been postponed at this time. They hope to re-schedule in the near future.
As for Daisy's camp they are trying to do damage control by using the old go to excuse for Hollywood-exhaustion. "Daisy was taken to the ER early this morning suffering from delirium as a result of exhaustion," rep Cassandra Grill says. "There was no overdose. She is fine this evening and resting comfortably." Exhaustion! How the helly hell do all these bitches that basically do nothing for a living expect us to believe they suffered from exhaustion? I have never in my life known anyone hospitalized for such a thing! I mean my husband and almost all of our friends are living in the foothills of Afghanistan for another year plus, sleeping on roadsides and shit miles goin days without electricity and this bitch expects us to believe that despite the fact that she has an agent and a rep and an assistant she can't catch a moment of shut eye? Maybe if she spent a little less time on five day benders and clubbing at Le Deux she should get the fuck to sleep. I'm just saying. Common sense.


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